Citizens alert and rapid notification service

Dear Sir/ Madam,

In order to better relay important information directly affecting its citizens, the Municipality of Schuttrange is leading the way in Luxemburg by implementing a "Citziens alert and rapid notification service".

With this innovative service, we can inform you via SMS text messaging to your mobile phone as soon as an incident or danger threatens our community.

In what case will the alert service be triggered?

Local incidents (traffic, roadworks, ...)
Incidents affecting drinking water, gas or power distribution, TV broadcast, télécoms
Alerts in case of natural disasters (floods, storms, ...)
Alerts in danger situations (local evacuation, oil sector incident, nuclear incident)

information affecting the municipal council (changes, agenda,...)
Do I have to accept the alert service?

No. The alert service will not replace the other safety measures and procedures put in place by the local authorities. This additional service merely ensures, that concerned people are informed as quickly as possible.

What about privacy issues?

Local authorities and the company contracted to deliver the alert service will solely use their citizens’ confidential data to alert them under the circumstances described above.

Register for free today.

You can register to our service on our website by entering your name, address and contact numbers you want us to send notifications to. This service is exclusive to the residents of the Municipality and is totally free of charge.

Register now.

Call Laurent Hartz (35 01 13 231) for further information.